Wild Animal

MT 046LP MT 046LP

New album of Berlin based French multi-instrumentalist and electro rocker, Fred Bigot. Fuzz guitars, synths, drum boxes, and two incredible covers of classics, "Dancing In The Street" and "Bad Moon Rising". Electronicat is the alias of Fred Bigot. Wild Animal is his eighth studio album. In 2014, working on a sound performance just using the human voice and guitar recreating a road trip he had undertaken across the USA in 2011, he invested in a piece of almost forgotten and rather cumbersome analogue equipment: a talk box, the ideal tool to generate unpredictable results, giving the music a more organic, unruly nature. Back in his studio in Neukölln, and with his project Electronicat in mind, he began his experiments, combining the talk box with the multitude of instruments available including a fantastic range of old synths and keyboards. The result was ten songs, two of which were cover versions. Soon after, Fred began work on a new project The Magic Ray and his talk box experiments were put to one side. Come 2020, a new studio in north Berlin and the first pandemic lockdown: while sorting and sifting through recordings, Fred rediscovered these ten songs, this Wild Animal described by one Ian Svenonius as "the king of the jungle cats, king of electro-beat rock 'n' roll music. Still sleazy, still dangerous, still mysterious, Electronicat is the final stand of sound in the dead-end cul-de-sac road to nowhere that rock 'n' roll music has found itself stuck at. Electronicat is the only hope for a way out. Electronicat is the wild animal we need in our heart, soul and turntable."