Vision Dance


If you want to write an explicit story about the life of the American producer, label owner, and DJ Edward McKeithen aka DJ Jus-Ed, you will need much more then just one leaf of white paper. At the tender age of 6, he was backing up his grandparents in a jazz duo called Tomi & Eddy, touring from the East to the West coast of the United States as a drummer. Later, he studied percussion instruments for some time at the University of Bridgeport at the young age of 10. His main influences around that period were soul preacher James Brown, jazz drummer Buddy Rich, and a while later, jazz-rock legends Chicago and the sensitive R&B crooner Luther Vandross. In 1982, he embarked on his DJ career, called himself DJ Jus-Ed and played the freestyle rhythms of the times from harsh funk to early house and rough R&B. Due to several intricacies of life that emerge when you party strong, DJ Jus-Ed already retired on New Years' Day of 1985, caused by a combination of substance abuse and other life-threatening factors. After more then fifteen years of doing music on his own, in 2001 he finally reappeared as a producer and DJ with an adventurous, energetic and spiritual style of quality house music that is reminiscent of deep heroes such as Theo Parrish, Moodymann, or Omar-S. Besides the revitalization of his own DJ career and work as an artist, he also launched his own label Underground Quality in 2005, a base for truly original deep house with an edge that doesn't follow any business plan -- just the beat of DJ Jus-Ed's heart and soul. After numerous 12"s and two highly-acclaimed albums on Underground Quality, he now releases his third album Vision Dance on Mule Electronic. As usual for the passionate part-time landscape gardener from Bridgeport, Connecticut, all of his ten arrangements are uncorrupted house gems that avoid heavy make-up in order to give classic house music lovers some undiluted bass pleasure. This time, Jus-Ed has eschewed his customary vocals, producing only instrumental tracks that are kicking a blend of tough, syncopated percussions and ethereal, melodic synth-lines that spread pure dance energy. Whipping handclaps here, dark string-looped atmospheres, minimal piano melodies and euphoric hi-hats there, and a warm, seductive bassline underneath: the formula is simple and effective.