Happenings Of Life


The Berliner-by-choice DJ and producer Norman Weber (also known as Luna City Express with Marco Resmann) was born in Jena/Thuringia. From childhood on he grew up with music since his father had already travelled through former East Germany as a musician and DJ. During the days of his youth he occasionally tagged along to help set up the sound system which is how he got to know the other side of life; the night filled with loud music, dancing and magical colorful lights. Along with the German reunification in 1989 came a lot more musical variety. In addition to the previous funk and disco music came acid jazz, rap and house music. To him house music was the ideal sound and the perfect middle ground among all music! In 1993, he left Jena and following a few wild, defining years met his current buddy and DJ colleague Resmann at a legendary millenium party night. Shortly after, he moved to Berlin, a city which would suit him. As a DJ team they organized two parties and increasingly started DJ'ing together in clubs. In 2004, the first joint tracks originated in collaboration with singer Kenneth Avera and in the course came up with the name Luna City Express. This was their starting shot which has led to them releasing two albums, Hello From Planet Earth (MHR 011CD, 2009) and Lunation (2016) as well as various EPs and remixes. They still play all over the world in order to convey their definition of house and spread fun to peoples' nights. Norman himself has hitherto hardly released any music under his own name; however, after 25 years of Djing the time has come to change this. After a bunch of remixes and two EPs in 2018, his debut album Happenings Of Life is released on Muna Musik. As an attendant of the first hour of this legendary Thuringian club, it appeared natural to release the first long-player in house. It's a simultaneous gratification and gift to all of those that have followed him for so many years. This album unifies several musicians and singers, especially Mr. Jack, aka Aaron Palmer. For Norman this album reflects the sound that he has loved since his early days; music in all its facets, 13 tracks ranging from downbeats to house. Enjoy!