Go Go/22


The first album by Los Mac's, pioneers of Chilean rock, released in 1966 under the RCA Víctor label. It would be a foundational and groundbreaking work that would open paths in this style of electric guitars and generational ease. After having been discontinued since the 1960s, it is re-released today as a historical artifact to reach record stores all over the world again; now on CD format, remastered with the best technology available. The reissue of Go Go/22 comes back to life after a restoration work on its sound, which was remastered from the original IRT/RCA Victor tapes, giving these new versions a perfect sound of the highest level, rescuing details that manage to give new life to the album when compared to the original edition, in synchro with the new technologies and the times. In addition, its cover and album art has been completely restored, processed to improve the quality of colors and definition, and remain as it was printed the first time, but with a quality that brings the album reborn as a modernized and essential production of Chilean music of important historical value. Los Mac's Go Go/22 is added to a prestigious collection of reissues that Musica & Entretenimiento Discos is developing to preserve and restore the roots of our genealogy of popular music in Chile. This first album in the history of Los Mac's, has 19 tracks where the group covers famous bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, and Chuck Berry, among others, artists that give life to this emblematic band led by David and Carlos MacIver on guitar and bass, respectively. "An album full of the dreams of four boys, brought together in songs that were and will continue to be the favorites of all young people like them... and why not? Also, of those who are no longer teenagers, but feel the spell of 'going back to live' the songs that get into the heart, to the rhythm of the dance or looking into each other's eyes and dreaming... holding hands. And after hearing the album, they will surely think, like us, that 'Los Mac's are ¡MAC... knots!" Features Poncho Perez's pictures inside the disc cover. Unmissable musical document and refined record that is back for the enjoyment of all those who eagerly awaited this album.