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LP version. Artwork with spot silver foil print. Includes download code. "I always have a spatial vision of music," says Cico Beck, mastermind of Joasihno and member of The Notwist and Aloa Input. Sitting in his basement studio among self-made synthesizers, records, and weird instruments, he points at a tiny robot beating an electronic drum: "That's one of my new musicians." Alongside member and co-producer Nico Sierig, the band is accompanied by a robot orchestra. But first things first. The third Joasihno album, Meshes, is a spectacular transformation. Cico Beck took off for Berlin to meet co-producer Tadklimp one spring night in 2015. Some ecstatic sessions later, the vision was evolving, captured on opener "Nuh Nuh," an experimental electronic piece winding into infinity with a friendly grin, reflecting the amplitude between modular synthesizers and Fisher Price keyboards. Once you're under the hypnosis of this soft monster, you are floating peacefully into the new world of Joasihno's Meshes. Despite a plethora of oscillating ideas and acoustic bubbles, Joasihno never lose touch with the listener, while sailing placidly through all aspects of Beck's vision of electronic anti-pop. The entertaining Meshes features another nine sparkling miniature gems, simultaneously complex and accessible, melancholic and hilarious, bright and deep. The music breathes ideas of smart UK garage-philosopher Four Tet, the crazy street composer Moondog, and some sort of Nils Frahm approach -- and, of course, pop music. Even if most tracks deny structures and rules of pop composing, they are always interacting with pop -- sometimes with a twinkling eye, sometimes in a deep lust for destruction. "In the end I found out, that I was approaching my own roots, the vision I had when I started Joasihno. I wanted the music to be more raw, intuitive and playful." From this perspective, Meshes is some kind of liberation for him Cico Beck. "I had a good time ignoring popular music," he says with a grin on his face. His previous album -- We Say: Oh Well (2011) and A Lie (N 033CD/LP, 2013) -- were situated in the space between Iceland and Africa. Meshes puts a new spot on his musical map: New York, home of great magicians like Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Raymond Scott. The transformation to the complex electronics of Meshes is both harmonious and unavoidable. Artwork by Aslak Gurholt Rønsen of Yokoland.