Complete Works For Orchestra Vol. 2

NEOS 10934CD NEOS 10934CD

Featured works: Composizione in tre tempi (1954), Concerto per flauto e orchestre (1954) performed by Thaddeus Watson, flute; Aria for soprano, flute and orchestra (1964) Claudia Barainsky, soprano; Sebastian Wittiber, flute. Dimensioni III for flute and orchestra (1962-1963) performed by Clara Andrada de la Calle, flute/piccolo. Stele per Diotima for orchestra (1966) performed by Alejandro Rutkauskas, violin; Jochen Tschabrun, clarinet; Ulrich Büsing, bass clarinet; John MacDonald, horn; hr-Sinfonieorchester/Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra/Arturo Tamayo. "At the centre of the second part of our Maderna edition are concertante works, many of which formed the building blocks for the opera 'Hyperion.' Conductor Arturo Tamayo was able to draw all instrumental soloists from the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra: in the Hölderlin 'aria' and flute concertos with Thaddeus Watson, Sebastian Wittiber and Clara Andrada de la Calle, in the 'Stele per Diotima' with concert master Alejandro Rutkauskas as well as Jochen Tschabrun (clarinet), Ulrich Büsing (bass clarinet) and John MacDonald (horn). One main theme of the works remains the way the individual is torn between rebellion and resigna-tion, reflected in the words from the 'Thalia' fragment, sung here by Claudia Barainsky: 'I question the stars...the day, and the night, but they do not answer...'." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.