Die Besessenen

NEOS 11203CD NEOS 11203CD

2012 release. Opera in four acts (2008-2009). Libretto by Christoph Klimke after the eponymous novel by Witold Gombrowicz. The music of The Possessed draws on the relation between the different eras represented by the characters -- the periods in which they live and to which they feel they belong -- and on the image of the strange phantasm that plunges the figures of the story into confusion. Elements of early music and the commercial media are combined with my own musical idiom to create a tissue of structural relations which, as the piece progresses, congeal formally into a midpoint that engulfs everything around it, like the folding of a piece of cloth or a fan that slowly closes, leaving behind an imageless axis. Driven by unrestrained restlessness but interrupted by a looming emptiness, the music plays with generic cliches that recur in ever-new combinations like motivic germ-cells or little modules, determining the course of the music as elements in a closed system that pretends to evolve while actually spinning in circles. Performed by: Klangforum Wien, Johannes Kalitzke (conductor), Hendrickje van Kerckhove (soprano), Noa Frenkel (mezzo-soprano), Leigh Melrose (baritone), Benjamin Hulett (tenor), Jochen Kowalski (male alto), Manfred Hemm (bass), Rupert Bergmann (baritone).