The Lines: Solos & Duets Cycle

NEOS 11310CD NEOS 11310CD

Born in Geneva, Denis Schuler began his studies with drums and classical percussion before moving on to composition, studying with professors Nicolas Bolens, Éric Gaudibert, Michael Jarrell, and Emmanuel Nunes. In his rich and atypical path, Denis Schuler seeks inspiration in a wide range of areas, such as traditional music, improvisation, and written music: he confronts and gathers multiple influences, enabling a singular and personal voice to come forth. Through the study of rhythm and aural material, his work explores the liminal conditions of listening, especially those approaching silence. His music calls for a particular focus, in which the ear must often remain very alert, picking up on breath and noise, and requiring involved listening. "The Lines is a cycle of compositions for solo musicians and duos that originated as a meditation on 'lines of time,' inspired by the writing of Virginia Woolf in Mrs. Dalloway. As a work researching interiority and exteriority, this series of intimate pieces freely explores how duration and form interrelate, particularly through the relationship of a musician with his/her instrument. A precise frame is marked out for each score. Once specified, this universe allows me to take advantage -- ultimately with more liberty -- of both musical and conceptual materials: vibrations and flutters between two notes for 'Perpetual Sense of Being Out,' the relationship between sound and silence in 'Sept secondes arrêtées,' monody and non-tempered scales in 'Melody,' very slight rustling in 'Dans un pli,' minimalism in 'Tan-ka,' breath and leaps in 'Spring,' multiple notes and chords for the viola in 'Lune bleue' and an ostinato in 'Loisaida.'" Alexandre Babel (percussion); Tamar Halperin (harpsichord); Tanjia Müller (bass flute); Cristina Presutti (soprano); Anna Spina (viola); Paolo Vignaroli (flute/bass flute); Gyslaine Waelchli (soprano); Eliane Williner (flutes); Béatice Zawodnik (oboe).