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phase1_soloduotrio juxtaposes five works of the first creative phases of the Swiss composer Mela Meierhans -- 1989 to 2000. "Enigma" for voice, percussion and prepared piano (1999): "Enigma" is an important example of the use of melody and line -- parameters that the composer has been using on a very reduced basis since 1999. The composition of "Enigma" took place during a time in which Mela Meierhans was intensively occupied with the oeuvre of the Austrian author Ingeborg Bachmann. "Triton" for piano solo (1989/90): This six-movement work is dedicated to the pianist Laura Gallati, who performed at the world premiere in 1990. "Triton" is the first contemporary work by Mela Meierhans. "A-a" for voice and percussion (2000): This five-movement work references a poem by Ingeborg Bachmann that is, however, never enunciated. With "A-a," Mela Meierhans entered a new creative phase. In the composer's oeuvre, it marks the transition from melody and development to the fragment and to network structure, from vocal sound to noise. "Orpheus" for solo voice (1999): "Orpheus," based on the poem "Dunkles zu sagen" (trans. "To Say Something Dark") by Ingeborg Bachmann, is a piece for medium voice and opened grand piano. The work is, before the chamber ensemble/electronics version of "Enigma," the first in a series of "songs of mourning." "Cordes Ouvertes II" for violin solo (1995/96); electronically adapted version 1999. This work is an homage to the composer's childhood. It lends compositional expression, on the one hand, to the memory of her first, still-awkward violin-playing at the age of three, and, on the other hand, to the wide world of the -- especially contemporary -- music of her father, the violinist, violist and performer Kurt Meyerhans. The rehearsals at home of the Amos Trio, founded by her father, as well as tape collages, have left their imprint on all of Mela Meierhans' oeuvre. This work is a very personal homage to her father. Performed by Laura Gallati (piano); Fritz Hauser (percussion); Tomek Kolczynski (electronics); Leslie Leon (voice); Lenka Zupkova (violin).