Structures of Light and Spruce

NEOS 11817CD NEOS 11817CD

"In my ears, there is a potential musicality in any sound appearing in our everyday reality, and my method is to develop them into resilient actions performed by instruments and acoustic objects", says Malin Bång, Swedish composer and a founding member of the Curious Chamber Players (that can be heard on this CD). Her close connection with the musicians allows intense experimentation. She creates a spectrum of unpredictable and contrasting actions, ranging from the intimate and barely audible to the harsh and obstinate. In her work, she often incorporates acoustic objects to expand the sound world and to suggest that a musical content can be shaped by anything valuable to the artistic purpose. Malin Bång resides in Stockholm. Her work includes music for instrumental ensembles, orchestra, electronic music based on field recordings, and instrumental performance pieces. Lately she has specifically explored the mixed, amplified instrumental ensemble extended with acoustic objects in collaboration with the members of Curious Chamber Players. Her works are performed worldwide. She is regular visiting professor and lecturer at the composition faculty of the Göteborg University. "structures of molten light" features alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion/radio, piano/radio, guitar, violin, cello as performed by Curious Chamber Players; "arching" features amplified cello and amplified tools (wooden plank, rasp, saw, file, marker), as well as electronics, as performed by UmeDuo; "palinode" features amplified ensemble of bass flute, bass clarinet, cello and three objects: metal sculpture, vase and swing, as performed by Curious Chamber Players; "purfling" features amplified violin and electronics, performed by: Karin Hellqvist - violin; "jasmonate" features amplified ensemble of piccolo flute, bass clarinet, percussion/writing pad, inside piano/typewriter, tabletop guitar, violin, cello, and two hour glasses, as performed by Curious Chamber Players.