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Sunset At Stonehenge

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For over three decades, Paul Oakenfold has shaped the dance and electronic music genre and remains one of the leading forces in the wider global music scene. His works have taken him from the DJ booth of the world's hottest nightspots and festivals to producing soundtracks for Hollywood blockbuster movies. His diversity has earned him two Grammy nominations. He's produced and remixed for the likes of U2, Madonna, and The Happy Mondays. He's remixed Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Justin Timberlake, plus he's released over 20 DJ mix compilations. Paul has also been responsible for creating film scores including The Bourne Identity (2002), Matrix Reloaded (2003), Shrek 2 (2004), Swordfish (2001), and Collateral (2004). Paul Oakenfold's Sunset At Stonehenge is the album taken from Paul's landmark DJ set from English Heritage and UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge. This album is the first DJ set ever to be recorded from within the ancient, sacred site of Stonehenge. Sunset At Stonehenge reflects Paul's ability to cross genres, creating unique soundscapes that combine film score, classical, opera, and electronic music to form a sonic journey that stands head-and-shoulders above regular DJ mix albums. Included on Sunset At Stonehenge are tracks from U2, Andrea Bocelli, Vangelis, William Orbit, Empire Of The Sun, The Grid, Hans Zimmer, Chicane (exclusive remix), and Oakenfold himself. The album also contains a bonus track Paul made for the album simply titled, "Stonehenge". Sunset At Stonehenge follows Paul's groundbreaking releases recorded at the Great Wall Of China back in the early 2000s, before China was not as "open" and more recently at Base Camp, Mount Everest, officially the world's highest DJ Gig. Sunset At Stonehenge continues to reflect Paul Oakenfold's status as a world leader in electronic music. Also features Clarian, Kidnap Kid, Leo Stannard, Butch & C.Vogt, Hibernate, Victoria Gydov, Perfecto Symphony Orchestra, The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Derek Wadsworth, Maire Brennan, Joan Retamero, Amari & Nico Morano, Jinadu, Eelke Kleijn, Gavin Greenaway, Lisa Gerrard, The Lyndhurst Orchestra, and Loudeast.