To Love Until We Say Goodbye

NS 053CD NS 053CD

Marc Marzenit is one of the most important figures in the Spanish electronic scene, with an impressive career as a DJ and producer, having performed all over the world at festivals such as Sónar, Ultra Miami, Creamfields Spain, Creamfields Buenos Aires, and Global Gathering, among many others. Marc also stands out for his work on prestigious labels such as Cocoon, Bedrock and Tronic, creating his own sound, elegant and emotional, yet strong and able to rock any dancefloor. But instead of exploiting this formula, simply compiling all his singles and shaping them into an album, Marc has created what could be called a conceptual techno album based on personal experiences, which is full of feelings and honesty, something really rare these days. Drawing from his classical musical background and influences beyond dance music, Marc came up with an album that injects freshness and purity into the music, reinventing himself yet staying true to his own sound, renewing it and getting the listener excited. The album combines hypnotic, expressive techno with tracks like "Death Espiral," which has already been played in the sets of techno and deep house ambassadors, as well as with highly sensitive electronic tracks. To Love Until We Say Goodbye is a musical journey through nostalgic beauty, two years in the making, which speaks from personal experience about a break-up, about a cycle that terminates, and about how we can face the end, which is inevitable. And in that exact moment of rupture, there's Marc as an artist, a turning point where he decides to break the limits of club music and show us that he is able to create a techno album that can make us dance with tears in our eyes.