Infamous Lost Tracks

NT 002LP NT 002LP

Stefan Schwander's Repeat Orchestra presents Infamous Lost Tracks, an album appearing out of the blue, coming from spheres where time, space and Zeitgeist are nothing more than words. With the Repeat Orchestra, Schwander (who of course also is Harmonious Thelonious, A Rocket In Dub, Antonelli, and a lot more) found a unique way of channeling deep house music, a minimalistic setup and an idea of creating enjoyable music into amazing tracks that sound so effortless and natural. From first track "Call And Response" on it's obvious that the main thing that this album is about is the groove, sometimes euphoric, sometimes quite unobtrusive but always irresistible, build from massive basslines, complex rhythms and the masterfully performed interplay of repetition and modulation. Warm harmonies, multilayered (at times quite unusual ("Nightdubbing") melodies and subtle arrangements complete these Infamous Lost Tracks and their very own formular between Düsseldorf, Chicago, and Lagos. There's nothing harsh in this music, no aggression, still it's far from being tame or tranquil: The pumping energy of "A Means To An End" or the sublime liquid shuffle of "Less Sensational" show the swing and kick inside these works that are made for delight but not to please. And "Monks In A Club" is the most brilliant example of dancefloor understatement that you'll ever hear in your life. Reduction, elegance and the right kind of mania concentrated into some minutes of pure club heaven. Handclaps, nonchalance, and madness. An essential singularity and the swan song to the Repeat Orchestra, there will be no more of it.