Revered Swiss producer and DJ Andrea Oliva presents his debut album, 4313, via Dennis Ferrer's laudable Objektivity imprint, illustrating Oliva's willingness and ability to explore conceptual themes within his own carefully constructed house and techno framework. Centered around the promise of a "new age" and produced with a mix of live and software-based instrumentation, 4313 firmly treads its own, unchartered path through the electronic wilderness -- a testament to Oliva's continued desire to explore and experiment. Opening with "The Fifth River (feat. Tobias Carshey)" -- the first of two collaborations with fellow Swiss Jimi Jules and a track inspired by Adam and Eve's tale of the original sin -- Oliva's versatility as a producer is immediately apparent, with delicately-worked techno followed by elements of old school house for "Funk Obsession," while the album's lead track, "Turn Off the Dawn" (created with Fritz Helder), sees Oliva deliver a more club-orientated, vocal-heavy rhythm. "Sleepless Fog," a yearning tale of a lost love torn apart by insomnia, explores Oliva's darker side, and the album's 360-degree journey also delves into Oliva's tribal-inspired catalog with "Red Sun/Black Love." With a further contribution from Franco-British producer and vocalist Moggli, 4313 is a direct reflection of Oliva's vast production experience, but also his continued willingness to explore new avenues for his music to grow, develop, and evolve. Oliva elaborates: "I just wanted to sit in the studio and get inspired alongside the musicians I was working with... Each of these collaborations alongside my ideas created a big universe of music covering pop, techno, house... there really is a little bit of everything." Having broken into the Beatport Top 10 in 2012 with notable releases Click Off (CADENZA 074EP) and Scene (Be As One) -- and a discography that also includes releases via Viva Music, Saved Records, Moon Harbour, and Hideout -- Oliva quickly became synonymous with Ibiza in 2013 after he was booked as resident for the island's leading underground party, ANTS at Ushuaïa. With the residency and his profile as a DJ still growing, 2014 also saw Oliva's demanding tour schedule take in over 70 gigs in the space of three months, counting key slots at DC10 and Panorama Bar as career highlights, and in April 2015, Oliva made his Coachella debut. The glistening 4313 is firmly at the core of Oliva's continued evolution, showcasing his incredibly diverse skills as a producer.