Quest, transit, chaos, mutation, transfiguration, ascension, and illumination; these are some of the steps followed in the journey of life that are embodied on each track of the album Adonai. The solo debut by composer Marco Paul condenses a career of more than ten years in which the search for the truth of oneself has traveled and been nurtured by different genres and cultures. Adonai is an odyssey that combines sounds and images of earthly and oneiric worlds, an audiovisual work that opens several windows to the different perceptions of the facts that make up human life. After nine years of constant international touring, six albums and more than 400 performances with the bands Sour Soul, Ratbot, and Funk My Jesus, as well as the conception and musicalization of the award-winning short films Undermine (2013) and 24K All You Need Is Gold (2016), Paul decided to retire to an island in the Caribbean, where he refined his sound. Thus, between 2014 and 2016 he created the music for Adonai, a work produced by Aitor Etxebarria under the moniker Forbidden Colours. The recording includes guests such as Etxebarria (synthesizer, electronic magic) and Hibai Etxebarria (double bass) from the Basque Country; Michael Alan Hams (drums and percussion) and Joe D'Etienne (trumpet); and Fatima Gozlan. The consummation of the work is a mid-length film created in 2018. It consists of five chapters directed by five different directors. The audiovisual journey begins with the conception of the philosophical "Filius", an alchemical symbol that represents the inner child, which transforms the experiences of life into the soul's gold. Later, in "Sylvian" (a title that refers to the brain fissure that contains the auditory cortex), by listening to the subtle message that surrounds us, our consciousness and perception expand. Then, in "Tiamat", the pristine chaos that gave birth to the gods, embodies chaos, the confusion generated by the multiple voices: on one hand the moral and imposed precepts, and on the other hand, the inner voice that seeks the liberation of the infinite possibilities. In "Hawa", through the recognition of the power of solitude and introspection self-reflective awareness is reached. Finally "Adonai" is the ascension to enlightenment: the further connection with the absolute. As an encore, "Teurári" is a gift: a tiny flower where all the points of the universe merge.