Restructured Layers


This is the Out of Orbit label's first CD release, providing a comprehensive and exciting mega-mix of their musical catalog, mega-mixed by DJ, producer and label-boss, Martinez. Techno has always been a musical genre driven by novelty and technology. Fast kicks and new sounds, feelings and experiences are what we cherish. The ability to project the listeners "out there" into the final frontiers of space and sound has always been the goal of all extraordinary techno music. To simply make a "normal" mix CD was never an option for Out of Orbit. Using cutting edge technology and displaying in what direction the future of mixing might take, Triple-O presents Restructured Layers, for people who have been looking for a way to enjoy their music in a comfortable way without getting into vinyl. Perfectly geared to fit in between both a sweaty club experience and a nice home listening session, this CD brings out the best of both worlds. This CD is an extension of Martinez' acclaimed DJ gigs, bringing you a world-class mix experience. With all their releases cut up into loops and pieces, Martinez has woven a beautiful and intricate carpet of sounds, putting two and two together in order to create something bigger and more beautiful than its mere parts: pure alchemy, in other words, with the full CD as a constant mix throughout the full 76 minutes. Blending pieces of up to 7 or 8 different tracks at the same time, you've never heard anything exactly like this, although Richie Hawtin's DE9|Closer To The (R)Edit would be the closest in terms of mixing technology. Triple-O has put down a lot of effort in order to bring you this next-step experience to and they are damn proud of what they have created. Featuring artists Phil Stumpf, Willie Graff & Kyle Errison, Martinez, Nima Gorji, Reynold, Lowtek Soundsystem, Zvukbroda, Dibaba, Mars Fellows, Felix Houzer, Jussi Pekka, Robert Babicz, Trentemøller, Cantrip People and Ibn Al-Khimyia.