The Suite

OW 019LP OW 019LP

2017 repress. Ohrwaschl Records present a reissue of Analogy's The Suite. German progressive rock band Analogy released its sole classic, Analogy (1972), and even scored a deal for Italy but soon seemed to have faded into obscurity. Nobody really was aware of a recording named The Suite that happened around 1980. It presented the folky side of Analogy, who seemed at least quite creative for a time when electronic pop took over the whole music scene. Analogy went into the opposite direction and reached out for musical realms that have been visited by legendary English acts like Trees, Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span. Dramatic and powerful rock with a progressive edge meets mystical and magical British folk in a way that is reminiscent of an English or Irish band from 1972 rather than a bunch of Germans about to cross the threshold to the '80s. This is handmade and the musicians play with a simmering passion. Two epic compositions were originally part of The Suite but for this reissue, a bonus track has been unearthed from the vaults to add even more value to this gem. Several passages have a theatrical approach and feel like music from a stage play and movie like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) or records Meat Loaf recorded in the late '70s, but those aspects are only tinges of color in an overwhelming sound picture drawn by this truly progressive band. For everybody who loves the heavier Horslips and epic stuff like Omega, this album develops, passage to passage, and makes this journey into your dreams a worthwhile trip.