Bugnology 3


Following on from the pioneering and heralded Bugnology mix in 2004, and the equally outstanding Bugnology 2 in 2006, Steve Bug, Poker Flat label head and one of the world's leading house and techno producers and DJs presents number three. The mix presents a detailed, mesmerizing journey through Bug's current musical addiction, and also takes a snapshot of a very exciting time in dance music, where genres and barriers are continually being broken, in the name of exciting, forward-thinking and free-flowing house music! Like its earlier volumes, Bugnology 3 is a genuine masterpiece in next generation DJ mixes. Not only did Steve carefully select each track featured here (no doubt club-tested and dancefloor approved) but there was a unique process of editing, looping, stretching and shortening involved, to ensure the whole mix flows like no other. Opening with the dense atmospheres of Anton Zap's "Captain Storm," and building steadily through tracks from Federico Molinari, Tigerskin and Moodymanc, to the surging melodies and rising synths of Santigo Salazar's "Materia Obscura," there is true euphoria compiled here. Bug also brings things down and deep with Two Armadillos' "Hamlin," from his own Dessous imprint. From here on in, depth, energy, and big-room synths are brought into play by George Kagais, and Stimming's smooth remix of Manuel Tur's "Vabanque." Pigon and Peace Division present overlapping beats, and a bizarre slice of deep funk is introduced with Lee Jones' "Weisses Kaninchen." The Per Eckbo Orchestra's samba-party is another highlight, followed by the tingling melodies of Schatrax's stunning remix of Daso & Pawas' "Det." Percussion and horns galore fill the spectrum as Sven U.K. & Andomat 3000's workout carries on the party, crossing paths with a crazy collaboration between Ripperton and Alex Attias. Damian Schwartz is mixed into the grinding heavyweight beats of Ben Klock, before taking things down a more cerebral route. Adultnapper presents a tripping late-night journey that fits perfectly next to Matthias Meyer's beautiful, sultry piece. Kink & Neville Watson's rising acidic masterpiece is the penultimate adventure of the mix, rocking the system before October's wonderfully tripped-out "Invitation" leads us into the realm of the senses. Another sensational and cutting-edge mix from Steve Bug, a true mixmaster.