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With a handful of tapes on Posh Isolation, as well as the album Perception on Alter (ALT 013LP, 2012), Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann (aka Age Coin) have developed a project whose momentum and reputation has steadily escalated, finding common ground between electro-acoustic methods and quantized club nights. Both Emdal and Formann are best known as members of Lower. Emdal has lately pivoted his time around Marching Church, a band comprised of some of Copenhagen's finest, whilst Formann has been working under the guise of Yen Towers, releasing his debut 12" on Posh Isolation in early 2016 (PI 175EP). "Trespassing on intimate territory," says Emdal of their new recording, "[Performance] cuts a transparent path for everyone to come walking. The album is ultimately a joint effort to process past as well as present experiences within father son relations. In order to make things tangible, scenes are drawn from memory and merged in a shared fictional collage." Performance thrillingly presents Emdal and Formann in a new cryptically lush aspect. There is a sense that one is watching a slide show - familiarity motions like the tide in the form of acoustic instrumentation, and porous synthesized terrains are crossed with a feeling, not a map, nor a memory. As one watches, the creeping ambience comes to be less an invasive sensation and more of a gravitational pull through time itself. It's as effortless as it is disorientating, like being stalked by a relic. Propellants ascend in to the foreground from all directions. Rhythmic NO2 afterglow comes in waves in reverse. Weightlessness is induced; and rebound. Emdal continues, "Take in the view or let yourself be part of the language. Let the engine run and dip in to the swampy collective intelligence. Performance is a hybrid memorial for all domestic actions committed in the name of love."