What I Do


Ian Pooley shares the next part of his legacy with his fifth album, What I Do, after a four-year hiatus. Twenty years into his professional career, he is regarded as both a cult underground DJ and established mainstream producer. As one of the only artists that walks the path between the two, his latest work builds on his past and delivers a polished body of work that sounds both classic and fresh. In the past, Pooley has scoured influences from around the globe -- Detroit, Chicago, Brazil, etc., playing with funk with an emphasis on the groove. Over the course of 15 tracks, What I Do walks a similarly tactile path, refreshing the listener on Pooley's full-bodied and engaging approach but realigning his signature sound. Following on from a critically-appraised release on Innervision, tracks such as "Compurhythm" and "Tale of the Big City" connect firmly with the dancefloor, but also glow with a timelessness not often found in modern day electronic music, while additions such as "Get It On" allow Pooley to experiment with slow hip-hop rhythms and stimulating frequencies. Pooley's vast collection of analog gear and wealth of experience result in a smooth finesse. Pooley is still more than capable of delivering polished productions, learned from his past as a major label recording artist -- "1983" featuring guest vocals from Högni Egilsson and the driving vocal of "Bring Me Up" featuring Dominique Keegan are prime examples. But the move from the major to the underground can be heard in the music with the synth-led journeys and crisp drum rhythms at the heart of this album. The shift from V2 to his own label Pooled Music for this album also firmly states an intention, a step that allows him to develop new artists. Six years since he left his home in Mainz for Berlin, Pooley refuses to surrender to the status quo. He has ripened into an artist unable to be second-guessed and capable of covering more musical territory than most can dream of trying in a lifetime.