Once Again, Again


CD compilation of classic ambient techno recordings from the early-'90s/mid-'90s, mixed by Richie Hawtin's brother Matthew who DJed in chill-out rooms of major events such as Tribal Gathering, Sónar and Time Warp from 1993-1998. Including music by Pete Namlook, The Irresistible Force, Sun Electric, Link, MLO, Dubtribe Sound System, and many others. Once Again, Again offers a long forgotten snapshot of what made the beginning of the '90s such a special place to be. It was a time to champion all forms of electronic music and pour them into one big melting pot, before everything began splintering into genres and subgenres. Back then, Richie wasn't the only member of the Hawtin family making waves as a DJ; over in the chill-out room, Matthew was also captivating crowds with marathon ambient sets. This unique mix compilation represents a very personal account of what it was like. Between 1993 and 1998, Matthew was a regular at Detroit parties like Hardest, Spastik and Heaven And Hell, providing the yin to his brother's yang, so to speak. For him, ambient music offered a more emotional, thoughtful and evocative journey and the chill-out room was a safe place for people to drift in and out and make a different kind of contact, away from the intensity of the main room. Once Again, Again should serve up a timely dose of nostalgia for the old guard, while introducing a whole new generation to the rich, dynamic history of a genre that briefly dominated the electronic landscape. Matthew has really gone back to the source with a selection that has truly stood the test of time. The result is a real joy to experience, packed with soothing textures, glistening melodies, restrained percussion and mandatory bird call. Until now, most of these tracks have only ever seen the light of day on vinyl and with that in mind, Tim Xavier's mastering skills have also added an extra dimension -- a crispness that breathes new life into this collection of floating monoliths that blend together without the slightest resistance. So lie back, unplug all possible sources of interruption and let yourself drift through this expertly constructed spectrum of sound, to a time when a wide-eyed generation of party people really felt they could make a difference to the world. Other artists include: A.S.I.O. And Paddee, Pineapple Circle, Jet Chamber, Solar Quest, Further, James Bernard, A Positive Life, Adena Cycle, Atlas, Porcupine Tree, Shades Of Orion, Theorem, Gustavo Lamas, James Bernhard, FUSE, Squid, and Legion Of Green Man.