Session 1


Tropicantesimo is a music ritual extended over time and a celebration of sound and dance. It all started ten years ago at the Fanfulla club in Rome. Nothing more than a party that over the years has transformed into a collective listening experience out of time and space. Meanwhile the collective animated by DJ Hugo Sanchez, Lola Kola, Rocco Bartucci, Gabor and Egeeno moved to a new club called Pescheria, and opened up to spontaneous live jams and collaborations with musicians and DJs from various backgrounds. Rhythms are incessant while the BPM is slow and hypnotic. Voices flow between songs, messages and pure sound, while music is an organism which produces energy. The fruit of all this lives through extensive production work based on recordings collected over the years. Tropicantesimo Session 1 is the first of a series of three EPs presented as anticipations of the Tropicantesimo Gitania album release. This first EP contains three songs recorded and mixed at Pescheria, laboratory and home of Tropicantesimo. "Don't Bla Bla Bla" is an anathema and an explicit manifesto about the need for uncompromised sounds and joy in life. When the music kicks in, the usual blah blah blah becomes disturbance, as Lola Kola and Egeeno clearly sing. This is a spontaneous live session, a usual practice that generates the Tropicantesimo sound flow. "Samba e Amore" is a cover of a Chico Buarque and Ennio Morricone's song, written in the late 1960s during Buarque's exile in Rome. Here the song has been processed by the Tropicantesimo sound machine with Gabor and Lola Kola claiming for freedom and self-determination in life. "Samba e Amore" belongs to the Tropicalist music classic repertoire, a great inspiration for the Tropicantesimo sound and vision. "Luna Jamming" is the result of another kind of experiment. Here the DJ culture is hybridized with the improvised live performance, a meeting that can generate unpredictable encounters. Lola Kola and Egeeno bring Loredana Bertè and Bob Marley together for an unprecedented classic reggae duet on a contemporary techno dub beat. Needless to add that such a combination of elements generates new visions and reaffirms important values such as sharing and getting together.