Kids Are Alright

QS 105CD QS 105CD

"Matt Haines, a.k.a. The Rip-Off Artist, went over to the dark side a couple of years ago. Before that, he was happy making little dinky dance tunes, mostly in the electro and drum-n-bass genres. Using names like Mental Blox, Control-X and Front BC, he released four albums and seventeen singles, and even ran an electro label called Spinyl for a few years. But then everything grew dim. Unbeknownst to Mr. Haines, the local electricity company, in an effort to save costs and increase profits, had gradually been reducing the voltage they delivered. While they claimed it was US standard 117 volts, it had dipped to just over 90 volts before their plot was discovered. Meanwhile, their customers' lights grew dimmer, which had a subtle but undeniable effect: paranoia and other mental problems. There were thirty-seven reported cases of psychological stress directly connected with this incident. Mr. Haines was one poor victim, but fortunately his was a mild case. Mr. Haines has for the most part recovered, and is living in seclusion in the Los Angeles area. Perhaps fortunately for us, there have been lasting effects however. When he had recovered enough to attempt production again, he found that his music had changed. No longer was it the happy, carefree, mindless dance music of before. Instead, it had mutated into something bizarre, like oversized fluorescent mushrooms in some dark radioactive closet. The beats remain, but fall apart almost as soon as they materialize. Voices enter at random, sounds that shouldn't be used together are used together. What were once friendly little synthesizer melodies are now dark, or crazed, but mostly nonsense. Quatermass has seen fit to release some of this nonsense on the album The Kids Are Alright."