Audio-Tourism Remixes

QS 117CD QS 117CD

"The album Audio Tourism Vietnam / China released in October 2001by Freeform aka Simon Pyke is a unique musical vision, his personal account of a journey he made in Vietnam and China with a tourists eye and ear. During this period he collected sounds on a purely aesthetic level, rather than trying to document their cultural context. This is a successful attempt to broaden his style by actively going out and seeking new influences and sound sources. All tracks were composed with the sources gathered during this trip, sampled and reshaped through machines. Whilst recording the album real instruments, collected during the trip, were used with a kind of playful ignorance. Modified Zither, human beat box through Tibetan horn, electronically processed traditional folk songs and the Vietnamese monochord as the ultimate sub bass machine. Following the album Audio-Tourism Vietnam/ China, this 'remix' album is based on works inspired and derived from the original one. A two-part project, the first CD is the original Music/Sources. The second part is a double CD with re-interpretations by artists including Bill Laswell, Autechre, Atom TM, Colongib, Jan Jelinek, Shudo, Mash'ta, Tal. All the remixers selected received different sources: the original sounds gathered in Asia, some 'work in progress' etc. With these elements new compositions were made. Better than doing simple remixes, the musicians took the option to work in their own style, as if the material provided was their own. The result is a thrilling extension to 'A/T' completed with a CD including some of the original source and a CD-Rom interactive part."