The Breath of Infinity


Following the stellar trip through Woo's Arcturian Corridor (2020), Quindi Records continues to explore intimate, inviting sounds with an experimental bent by facilitating the return of overlooked Italian duo, Cabaret du Ciel. Initially formed in 1986, Cabaret du Ciel's debut album Skies In The Mirror was a low-key and extremely rare cassette release of spellbinding electro-acoustic ambient music created by Gian Luigi Morosin and Andrea DesiderĂ . A reissue on Hybride Sentimento in 2018 brought renewed attention to the startling music contained within this unique project. The Breath Of Infinity is an album comprised of new works recorded over the past year, either as new pieces or reworked from old ideas with the assistance of Giorgio Ricci. Morosin and DesiderĂ 's natural instincts as multi-instrumentalists shine through across the record as they did on Skies In The Mirror, although these tracks were in fact composed as raw live takes using electronic workstations (with a little additional fretless bass provided by a close friend Giampaolo Diacci on "Different Suns" and "Climatic Variations"). There is a crisp, digital timbre to the worlds Cabaret du Ciel shape out on The Breath Of Infinity -- utopian pastures with an air of optimism similarly expressed in the first waves of ambient electronica. Folk traditions exert a guiding influence on the sparkling, ethereal melodies, and full-frequency harmonization, but this is music enamored with timeless plateaus rather than hackneyed interpretations of the past, present or future. It's also an album of variety. "Different Suns" tumbles with a pastoral, elemental earthiness thanks to the interwoven rhythmic murmuring of percussion and live bass, while "Lakota" pivots in sharply rendered bio-mechanical formations. There's a widescreen bombast to "Theatre Azure" which calls to mind mid-90s US electronica, while "Meredith" reclines in a blissful bath of plush '80s FM synthesis. "Sunset Parade March" has a distinct sense of propulsion thanks to its overdriven, broken techno rhythm and "Highlands" skips with an infectious energy despite not using any formal kind of percussion, but even in these more kinetic moments a preference for mellow musicality maintains the dreamlike mood. Consider The Breath Of Infinity like an archipelago, where each track functions as its own distinct island of ideas while being intrinsically interconnected to the others. In a similar fashion to acts such as Ultramarine, Cabaret du Ciel emphasize the musicality in their electronic music, shaping out an evocative, imaginative environment to idly glide through or attentively explore.