The Tumult Hands duet is made by Jacek Sienkiewicz and Jerzy Przezdziecki. The producers whose composition has -- to a large extent -- defined the Polish techno music. Sienkiewicz -- as early as Recognition -- started his adventure with music in the late 1990s. Subsequent records, already under his own name, were released, among others, at Cocoon Records, Trapez, Klang Elektronik, and WMFRec. Przezdziecki started publishing a little later. Over the last two decades, he has been presenting various types of electronic music, among others, as Praecox, Epi Centrum, and Jurek Przezdziecki. Tumult Hands has two EPs on its account -- Tumult Hands EP (2014) and Tropic Factory (2016). Both were published by Recognition. A full record was a matter of time. The album titled TH has been prepared for many years. The repertoire was created mainly out of improvisation. As artists themselves say, "it is the result of discovering and accepting a chance event." For both producers, close contact with instruments was important during their composition; the type of interaction between the maker and an electronic device. Individual works have been maturing for a long time. Paradoxically -- the lapse of time did not cause them to be ageing but vice versa -- allowed them to mature and gain natural weight. TH brings very diverse music. In part, it is the repayment of the debt that Sienkiewicz and Przezdziecki incurred towards the most creative techno period, that is, the '90s of the 20th century. The lovers of experimental dance music from before the quarter of the century will easily capture in the duo's themes the art of Cristian Vogel, producers known from the tin series of Chain Reaction record company, or early recordings of Richie Hawtin (Plastikman, F.U.S.E.) This is a very similar, non-standard approach to sound structure and an original approach to rhythmic structures. Minimalist melodies, accompanying, e.g. the opening of the "enter TH" or "pow" set, contribute to the composition an element of some sublimity and metaphysical anxiety. Obviously, it is still the dance music but the duet -- to some extent by abandoning the club functionality (understood in the techno convention) -- has given its music a definitely sophisticated, artistic elegance. Turquoise and black vinyl.