"Rephlex presents the first ever release of the soundtrack of the video Eurotechno from 1989. Hailed as a visionary landmark in dance music culture this mini-album is must for everybody into Acid Techno magic. The man behind the music is Brian Dougans who is most famous as half of the duo Future Sound Of London, but early recognition came for him with the European and UK hit single 'Stakker Humanoid', under the name Humanoid in 1988. Around the same time, he teamed up with the groundbreaking video artist Mark McClean aka Stakker, after meeting at Salford College. Mark built a video suite around a Fairlight Graphics box; Brian found a Roland TB303 (the machine responsible for the squelchy acid noise) in the basement of his college and began using it, creating sketches similar to those he was hearing emerge in Manchester at the beginnings of the Acid House scene. Their synergy was unique and extremely exciting, and the partnership culminated in the creative masterpiece Eurotechno, released on Virgin's Videola label. This video was the first time the emerging bedroom electronics scene expanded into the visual medium. It was essentially one of the first commercial V.J tools, showing just how much could be done by bedroom programmers. When the video was released, Rephlex were still in school uniforms and living in Cornwall, but it was one of the main things that inspired us to set up a label. For us this is the fulfillment of a long-term dream; to make the soundtrack of this visionary film available for the first time on CD and Vinyl. The album was painstakingly tracked down and mastered direct from the original master tapes of the film. It captures the audio overload of the incredible music in all its intricate, precise detail. The release of this soundtrack isn't an exercise in nostalgia, or a cash in on all things 'old school'. We are delighted to release this music, as we genuinely feel it sounds as fresh, exciting and unsurpassable at this time as any other, and for this reason it needs to be listened to and enjoyed rather than forgotten."