Per Martinsen, AKA Mental Overdrive, is one of Norwegian dance music's founding fathers. Alongside friends such as Bjorn Torske, Biosphere, Rune Lindbaek, and DJ Strangefruit, Martinsen was integral in laying the foundations of Norway's now blossoming dance music scene during the late 1980s and early '90s. As a producer, he cut his teeth making house, techno, and hardcore at the turn of the '90s. Since then, Per has continued to produce and release quality electronic music, both under his Mental Overdrive alias, and as part of outfits such as Frost and Illumination. Per Martinsen on his new album Epilogue on Prins Thomas's Rett I Fletta: "As for Epilogue it has been quite long in the making compared to some of my other albums. The main reason for this I think is that when I and Thomas started talking about me doing a new release for Rett I Fletta, we agreed that I would just keep sending him tracks over time that I thought would fit a new album, and then discuss how we both could see it coming together. I also let Thomas have stems of all the tracks so he could do adjustments where he saw the need, instead of us talking back and forth in lengthy conversations and then sending new versions. As well as being a great selector he is also a great arranger, so giving him the freedom to collaborate like this was a great opportunity and a nice break from having to do absolutely everything myself. On some tracks he also added some production elements, especially in 'Hellbent', where my original version had a much heavier almost industrial vibe to it. Other tracks like 'Shimr', which was the last track I submitted to the album, are left much more like I mixed and arranged them to begin with. As for the sequence of tracks it's also Thomas' suggestion, and I think they fit very well in couples like this because the tracks were made over a longer timespan than usual, so you would have different phases where I was into different sounds and ideas. All tracks were done in my studio here in Tromsø. Some in the dark period and some with the midnight sun shining through the windows. There's a lot of contrast in my surroundings here so maybe those contrasts will surface in the work I do also." Includes download code.