Volumes: One


Hot on the heels of I Love Dubstep, Rinse presents the first collection of Funky available anywhere for retail. Step into the future with Volumes, the brand new series from Geeneus. This first edition double pack introduces Funky, the UK's freshest underground dance movement, to the masses. Disc 1 features 9 exclusive Geeneus productions, disc 2 is a bonus house + Funky club mix, featuring all the current club hits and new productions exclusive to this release. The unusual format of this release specifically reflects the demands of the Funky scene's core audience; in the sense that the DJs play predominantly CDs and there are an abundance of free DJ mix CDs given away at the club nights. Also released on double pack vinyl to accommodate vinyl fans and features Geeneus' remix of Benga & Coki's hit single "Night," on vinyl for the first time. Also features club smash singles "As I," "Emotions" and "Yellowtail," the first time these in-demand tracks have appeared as full mixes. Introducing music reminiscent of Afro house to a new generation who have little idea who Masters At Work or Fela Kuti are, Geeneus himself confesses that other than Dennis Ferrer, he looks no further than his peers for inspiration. Yet with the production value he has developed over the years, you'd be forgiven for thinking he's studied the super producers of old. As a long time contributor to Rinse FM since the age of 15, Geeneus has consistently been at the forefront of the British underground dance scene: rinsing jungle with childhood spars Wiley and Slimzee, forming one of the most respected and successful garage crews, Pay As You Go Cartel and nurturing British pirate culture music as it twisted and turned through jungle, garage, grime, bass line and dubstep with the now world-revered Rinse FM. Artists include: Katy B, Amy Bullman, Nikki S, Thommy Davis, Crazi Cousinz, Underground Collective, Donaeo, Suges, Fingaprint, Zinc, Arvark, Perempay + Dee, Katie Pearl, The Dream Sellers, Sucre, Naughty, Kentphonic, Roska, Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham, Plash + Friends, Mescal Kid, Crazi Cousinz + Kyla, Hard House Banton, MA1, Simone, JoVonn, G Fam S, Grand High Priest, Amel Larrieux.