Outside Supercolor

RM 4184CD RM 4184CD

Jérôme Noetinger's connection in contemporary musique concrète is lengthy and well documented. As one of its most vital and compelling creators, Noetinger is also well recognized for his tireless efforts advocating for the profundity of this work. With Outside Supercolor he creates a pair of compositions that extend his interests in timbre and electronic sound. Both pieces, created whilst reflecting on his ongoing collaboration with film maker Lionel Palun, are dynamic journeys through unsteady electronic environments. There's a sense of active investigation here, Noetinger leans into the pieces and considers even the finest of textures. The results are both powerful and subtle, a sensitive drive that highlights Noetinger's unique approaches to performance, and composition.

A note from Jérôme Noetinger: "Lionel Palun and I met in 2003 in a context of social struggle. Aware of an inevitable downfall, we decided to discuss our respective practices. Sound for me and image for him. Then there were the basic questions: 'What does it do if you connect a video output to a sound input?'; 'What does a sound output do to a video input?' Then the tinkering that goes with it, like opening a SCART socket and plugging directly into it. And to finish, we discovered that as always, everything has already been done! But in the end it's like rock music, it's always the same, and what counts is how to appropriate it, how to live it. These discussions and first experiences led Lionel to develop his own video feedback software. He has a scientific background and a taste for computers which helps! In this record, I wanted to draw inspiration from this work with Supercolor Palunar, the name of our duo, to better examine CRT parasites and virtual instruments whose purpose I still don't quite understand. I dedicate this record to Lionel Palun who, afterwards, made two videos echoing the two pieces."