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With Bodies, Australian composer Madeleine Cocolas unlocks an embodied tidal force. As many of her antipodean compatriots would appreciate, water plays a huge part in the understanding of Australia. Vast fluid bodies spill out from its shores and the dynamism and intensity of these oceans -- physically and psychologically -- act as a guide to the forms of this record. Like these fluid bodies themselves, the record shifts between violent ruptures, as waves of sound collide, before giving way to passages of rich lightness and near tranquility. From Madeleine: "Bodies explores similarities between bodies of water and human bodies and seeks to blur the boundaries between them. These works incorporate sounds of water I recorded on recent trips to the Australian coastline as well as creeks and waterfalls in Far North Queensland. I have taken these recordings and other recordings of my voice and breath and heavily processed them together with synths and electronics so that the boundaries between field recordings, vocals and electronics are also blurred. These sounds together create sonic collages that move in ways to emulate rhythmic cycles that can be found in both water and humans such as waves, pulses and currents. In many ways I consider Bodies to be a companion album to Spectral (RM 4167CD, 2022). Whilst Spectral explores the idea of sounds evoking memories and emotions, Bodies is about being present in your body. Sounds wash over you in ways that are sometimes comforting and inviting and in other moments are overwhelming and dark, but it is in those moments of intensity that I invite people to breathe through that discomfort with the knowledge that time will pass and that moment will move on. When I listen back to these pieces, I often imagine I'm floating on my back with my ears half submerged in the water, being pulled back and forth by currents and tides with a sense of vulnerability and release."