Variations of Weeds

RM 456CD RM 456CD

"I think I have known Ueno Takashi for almost a decade now. If not that long, then certainly close. Over that time I've had the pleasure of performing with him and collaborating together on a number of recording projects for Tenniscoats. Ueno's work, both solo and with groups, spans an eclectic range of interests. I remember once sitting in his small studio and looking through an epic array of CDs he had lying around. It stretched over a vast array of musics from folk, pop, and bebop, through to noise, classical, and free improv. It was a glimpse into what fuels Ueno and ultimately what shapes his hunger to seek out new ways of approaching song, timbre, and, more importantly, his instrument. Since the first time we met, I have recognized one constant for Ueno: a restlessness of spirit that has resulted in some of the most profound guitar playing I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Ueno has found a way to make the guitar both familiar and alien at the same time. His playing has inspired me and a great many others. It continues to develop with a spirit of relentless harmony and acute individuality. On Variations of Weeds Ueno charts out a series of harmonic and timbral micro-universes for guitar. It's a record that has captivated me since the first time I had the pleasure to hear it. I am glad to be sharing this with you." --Lawrence English, November 2014