Let Love Rumpel (Part 1)


Kalabrese lets it rumble. The third album of the Swiss all-round musician is as always relaxed, heartfelt and shows his typical, very own approach to fuse disco, blues and club music wonderfully. Eleven heart songs from the kitchen of the Rumpelmeister for the most longed-for summer in decades. And on top of that; there will be a second part of Let Love Rumpel. "In this difficult time I wanted to create a world together that radiates warmth and confidence. not a head album. No. Simply driving heartfelt songs in the typical Rumpel manner that pick you up directly bluntly, give you the opportunity to close your eyes, to move on a senhnsuchtsvollen bittersweet ground. Thereby very gently nudge your hips and you begin to dance and dream." Let Love Rumpel has become a solidary collective work with a personal touch. Crowdfunded, the Swiss musician work on the album relaxed and with a lot of momentum and his closest friends and outstanding guest musicians get enough space to make themselves audible to be part of a whole. Let Love Rumpel (Part One) have become eleven heart songs: "Pain A Rollin' Away" is the opener and it rolls and grooves forward unflinchingly and deep and clearly hypnotic. In the chorus Kalabrese sings together with his life partner Lara Stoll the mantra "pain a rollin' away, find a deeper sense, don't forget to smile, rock your kitchen floor." No answer can be more positive to a present that has become so complex. As imperfect as Kalabrese's lyrics still are in English, the message and the groove go right to the heart. "Nimm Mini Hand" is a collaborative work with the Rumpelorchester, created in one afternoon. a soft slow sexy groove leads into a song that picks up speed towards the end. Kalabrese has written lyrics about finding one's way in a world that is more and more dominated by tensions and trench warfare and finds a personal way out: if you distance yourself and build your own oasis with friends, you will find peace and calm for new things. Palma Ada doubles Kala in the verses. Tillmann Ostendarp drums the hypnotic off-beat together with Dominik Löhrer's tom-sound. The grumpy guitar chords are provided by Marton Dobozi and the millennial Ace Balint Dobozi has just created the all longed for melody and fun on the Jupiter 6. Also features Lapcat and Mr. Laboso.