Odd Job Discrimination


New 'Odd Job" remix project, featuring remixes by Matmos, Adult, Dino Felipe, Prefuse 73, Otto Von Schirach and Jeswa. "'Odd Job' made it's way back to Japan, the land that brought it's circuits to life. It was with great honor that the Schematic scientists agreed to share it's formula with the people of the rising sun. It's legend was great, and their ancestors loved and feared it equally. From it's conception, Odd Job Discrimination was intended to be exclusively released in Japan with additional reports of research. PhoeneciaTM the secret inventors of 'Odd Job' were nowhere to be found. Report: Where is Phoenecia? Do they exist, or are they as arcane as their ancient namesakes? If they do exist, they maintain a peripheral, even hypothetical existence. Pictures of them exist and their names appear on many recordings, but each song, each reworking sounds so vastly different from one to the other. Not only does their formula change from one to the next, but so does the sound of the recording, as if it were made by separate entities under the guise of group. One could manage to release anonymous recordings with their name on them, but why? Is it a hoax? In their place stands their army, a team of specialists. Matmos, the medics, specialize in microchip implantation and cybernetic limb attachment. Their report 'The climactic battle scene between Rom and Josh' catalogs the last time Phoenecia were seen before their disappearance. Adult, the husband and wife assasin team offers a stern warning about their rhythm black box. With their go-go rapid-fire electrocution techniques, they manage to be both Adult-like And childish at the same time. Dino Felipe's examination proves that he's been isolated for too long. His theory is that Phoenecia are in an elevator somewhere in Atlanta (Atlantis?). We pray that he's wrong. Prefuse 73 is the cook. He reanalyzes the formula for 'Odd Job', noodles it up, and serves us his simple, but effective recipe. Budget gourmet, exquisite flavor at a nice price. Otto Von Schirach is the recon agent. His job is to steal the original formula and replace it with the reworked prototype. "Tre duece ave. smash and grab" is the gripping tale of how he did it. From the sound of it, he had to break a few windows and a few necks. Finally, with a soft, deep voice, team leader Jeswa (rumored to be Phoenecian) submits his sweet, short, and final report. Odd Job Discrimination has been delivered, and once again Phoenecia eludes us. These additions make it 13 reworkings of the yet to be seen 'original' version of 'Odd Job'. Other accounts were issued by Soul Oddity (last seen with Phoenecia), Autechre, Richard Devine, Push Button Objects, Ectomorph and Godfather, and Takeshi Muto (also rumored to be Phoenecian). If Phoenecia is a disappearing act, then Odd Job Discrimination is their greatest feat yet. Will they ever come to the surface? Will Japan make peaceful use of their new technology? Will the cloned cows revolt? Stay tuned to find out..."