From Antenna to Antenna 1


"Not many labels established in the '90s have managed to achieve a consistent advancement without alienating from their roots. Even fewer labels have created a true brand thanks to their very own aesthetic of sound and artwork that are loved and respected by DJs and producers around the globe. Sender Records is one of these labels. Being brought on the air by Benno Blome in Cologne in 1999, it has 69 catalog numbers so far, presenting old school legends like A Guy Called Gerald and Baby Ford, rave pros like Misc. and Jake Fairley and young, talented artists like Bloody Mary and Andre Crom. Thanks to hits like Bond & Blome's 'Tentacular,' the past year has been a very good one for the Berlin-based imprint, so that there is always a place for Sender Records in the charts and cases of countless DJs, also, hardly one issue of Groove magazine can make it without a Sender release in its top 50 charts. So it is time for a topical work feature around the label! Wearing the fitting title From Antenna to Antenna 1, it contains a 17-track CD mixed and compiled by label-head Benno Blome with a best-of from recent releases that have been released only on vinyl previously. Additionally, it brings four previously unreleased tracks. The mix starts with elegant spheric sounds and deep grooves and slowly escalates with Misc.'s 'Tanz der Polymere' in the Hemmann and Kaden remix, before And Again aka Someone Else has his turn with his unmistakable beats, followed by the frisky sequences of Bond & Blome's 'Tentacular,' fierce synthie excesses by Error Error, skew hooks on 'Corbera,' the bass orgy 'Boita Musiq' and loads more Sender highlights. The end is built on the timeless layers of Baby Ford's 'Messenger Vox' and 'Radaar Menue' by WeltZwei. With From Antenna to Antenna 1 Benno Blome presents the status quo of the label and its full bandwidth in a narrative way." Artist list: Bloody Mary, Yapacc, Misc., And Again, Bond & Blome, Error Error, Phage, Benno Blome, Andre Crom, Frank Martiniq, Franklin De Costa, Baby Ford & Benno Blome, Vincent Radar & Weltzwei.