1-2 Weeks
Wanna Take You There


Vienna three-piece Dives are shaping up to be mainline Europe's biggest export. Since forming at pink noise Girls Rock Club in 2016, they have played over 150 gigs in over ten countries, toured with LA Witch and Courtney Barnett, headlined Viennese Popfest, played big name industry festivals such as Eurosonic, Reeperbahn Festival and c/o pop, whilst also building a huge grassroot fanbase playing beloved underground venues (8mm Bar, Ostpol Dresden). Dives' forthcoming second album Wanna Take You There is the first to be released in the UK and follows their debut self-titled EP (2016) and debut album Teenage Years Are Over (2019). Whilst the debut album was characterized by unpolished garage-guitar sounds, new album Wanna Take You There is a collection of smoother, more compact pop moments. Garage-rock, surf-pop, '90s-flavoured indie, and harmonies à la The Breeders blend with a touch of riot grrrl attitude, present in the lyrical presentation of Dives' manifesto: Anti-discrimination and pro-equality and humanity. Dives' sound is fun in a big way, but also clever and versatile, veering from upbeat power pop on "Walking The Dog", big anthems on "100 Times", or dream pop on "Only Lies." Album opener and title track "Wanna Take You There" adds to the renaissance of playfully clever guitar songs to dance to as trailblazed by Wet Legs. Dives know how to party with their sound evoking images of road trips with friends and long days on the beach, "Oh let's head out, to a place that's pretty," sing Dives on "Streets," "Where the lights, they never go out." Simultaneously, Dives riot grrrl energy sees them sharing important messages and personal experiences within their danceable indie-pop tunes. The trio's first UK single "Ego" is about one-way conversations with narcissists "This conversation is too odd; you got to listen and stop." Or, on the song "Burger," they lay bare every woman's experience of patriarchal society's enabling in the purposely antagonizing line "You cannot blame him anyway, 'cause honey you know, he doesn't mean it that way." Wanna Take You There is a vibrant, fun, danceable and socially conscious ride. On it, Dives rally against the wrongs in the world whilst reminding us to live life to the full, and simultaneously offering us the perfect soundtrack to do just that.