In & Out/3000AD (I:Cube Remixes)


"Friends and studio partners Will Saul & Tam Cooper are back collaborating on Simple for 2009. Will is the man behind Simple and Aus Music, a globe trotting DJ and A&R, with a well known penchant for soul and melody. He's spent much of the last two years lovingly building up his newest baby Aus Music, releasing albums from Sideshow, Lee Jones and Motorcitysoul, and putting together the Aus Music All Night Long double CD. Tam Cooper has been producing for the past decade under a number of different guises as well as engineering for the great and the good. Fiddling with analogue kits is his main passion, and he is also a talented drummer and percussionist. Once a teenage raver, Tam has found his way back to house and techno in recent years, enthused by a new wave of artists and sound exploration. I:Cube is one of Will Saul's all time favourite producers. Hailed as the Master of Abstract, I: Cube, producer and DJ, has over the past ten years played a major role in the French electronic scene. He's the author of many remixes and EPs as well as three albums on Versatile -- Picnic Attack (1996), Adore (1996) and 3 (2003). He also forms the duo Chateau Flight with GilbR. In & Out : Disco disco disco! Will & Tam dust off their leg warmers and get down. Big wide claps and swirling pads drift around a cut up vocal, bassline's interchange to switch up the intensity and mood and a tripped out psychedelic arp line brings us home. '3000AD (I:Cube Dub Mix)': A heads down journey into the mind of a musical genius. Freaky FX fly around the mix and the unrelenting groove keeps on giving. Something for when you want to push the intensity up a gear or ten. '3000AD (I:Cube Remix)': A huge set of stabs envelope you from the off. As the percussion gradually builds the stabs keep on pumping and you will find yourself locked in the moment."