Corrupt Data


"Corrupt Data is the result of the internet being used the artistically...the Funckarma brothers picked up Shadowhuntaz record 'Medic' on Plugresearch in 2000 and were so impressed by the sound they heard that they emailed them and offered there ample abilities in production. After Shadowhuntaz heard only one CD of a few remixes from Funckarma, they knew the album was going to happen between these two teams of men. With the advent of Data file transferring using program such as aol, icq and msn messengers created virtual Lab. During this process the error Warning 'Corrupt data' was occasional hazzard thus the name of the album was born. In 15 months time the two Dutch brothers made 35 tracks with the 3 American MC's, without seeing or speaking each other. This experiment in global village recording resulted in a sound that is a perfect mix of electronic music with hip hop vocals. The first result is a seven inch on skam records, Manchester, being followed by the debut album Corrupt Data in January 2004, to be followed up by twelve inch. For more info Shadow Huntaz is a 3 person multi-regional assembly of M.C.'s, with one duty; To preserve the state of hip hop by any means necessary. With musical roots reaching further underground than liquid magma and lyrics with the heat to match. The Shadow Huntaz look at their place in hiphop as a para military organization, not militant, just conscience and with a sense of responsibility. The members are ranked in order of origin, the first being Shadow1 aka 'Breaff'. Based in Chicago, with the regional responsibility of Northeastern united states, Breaff's lyrical content can only be described as science non fiction with an uncontained non uniform style of delivery. The second member, Shadow2 aka 'Dream' is posted in the A.T.L. -Atlanta, GA. With the regional responsibility of the dirty south, 'Dream' code name Sabotoge is just that, an obstruction of normal operations. His lyrics will enter your mind causing a synaptic revolution, taking you to the darkest corners of your unconscious thought and not a moment to soon. Third is Shadow3 aka 'Non' based in Los Angeles with a regional responsibility of the west coast and beyond, including the 50th state. 'Non' is the spirit of the hungry MC incarnate, eating food for thought with a style that flips like pages in the book of life. If van Gogh was alive today and in Holland he would use his good ear to listen to what's emanating from Funckarma. One of the headleading musicians in electronic advanced music in the Netherlands. Soundscapes reverberate with a wall of melodies and echoes combined with complex crisp beat structures. The brothers Funcken, a sublime fusion of styles underpins their music as the esque percussion develops and becomes more complex. Cinematic music at it's most evocative. Call it electronic nuttiness that never fails to engage or abrasive, lush, haunting sound; a moving and viscerally intense evidence that Funckarma's music is full of emotion, mechanical, distorted and coming from a dark aesthetic funckarma material, displays more of 'intellectual appeal', requiring a certain barrier of entry to fully get into the music. trained ears and complete attention is definitely a requirement. sound to them is not a vehicle for there expression but in fact tools, mastered and use to make creations that are them selfs inspiration."