New Modern Music For Political Documentaries


"Compact disc in digipak packaging. Limited edition of 250 copies. Simon Fisher Turner is an English musician and difficult cat to pill. His acting career began with numerous appearances in British television productions when he was in his teens. He's not actually very happy with those years now, but hey, what can you do! By the time he was in his 20s he was pursuing twin acting and musical paths, appearing in television and film rolls while performing in a variety of bands. In his 30s he abandoned acting completely while continuing to explore new forms of musical expression, which with the passing of time became ever more inventive and adventurous. To this day he stands with both feet in film and music, simultaneously scoring films, documentaries and composing site specific soundtracks and producing music all over the world. An outsider."

"As the performer and composer of this piece I would invite you to be experimental in your use with this music for your films. I would be happy if you used it in any way you want, which these days means 'manipulate at your leisure' with as much technology as you feel, or not perhaps. Myself, I love to slow these pieces down, or drop them two octaves for a section or not. Please experiment and edit and re/edit backwards or forwards whenever you feel the urge. If you feel it. Some of these pieces are also very happy just sitting under your film doing nothing. A bit like a jam filling in a cake. Just filling a visual space with sounds. Unspecific. Vague. Just being in your film. They love this role a lot. Sitting. Doing very little. Taking up space but never crowding the frame. You may want to re/sample some of this music. Please feel free. The music here is all for you to play with. I have no idea how I made it either, that doesn't really matter does it? But I try to be simple and strong." --Simon Fisher Turner