Elemental Disgrace

SP 009LP SP 009LP

Elemental Disgrace is an album that needs to happen now. Finally, the next phase has arrived -- a stunning double side-long record of some of the U.S.' best underground synthesizer music. Whatever rise to the synthesizer came later on in the '00s is hardly of any concern to Greh Holger and his Hive Mind project. Having released private press cassettes of solo synth works as far back as 2002, Hive Mind exists as enigmatic in the world of new-jack synth-heads and the tidal wave of "neo kosmische" flying far under the radar. The silence is now broken and here we are treated to some of the most unique sounds Spectrum Spools has yet presented. No blisscapes to be found here. No soaring latched arpeggios, no cosmic vistas. Not a single melody. This is two sides of ancestral ruin in its clearest and most focused presentation. The brutality of the Earth and the harsh reality of all that it holds. Unknowable sounds -- that of the dawn of the Earth, or perhaps the sound of its demise. A toxic swamp of chemicals and mutated creatures left behind long after man has wiped himself away for good. Field recordings from the end of the world. While others are racing for the stars, Hive Mind's tectonic plate-shifting and brutal rumble will give you a brand new way to look at modern synthesizer composition. With a focus on textural sounds and shifting frequency registers, this album gives the listener a full range of listening possibilities with infinite replay value. It's worth noting that Spectrum Spools as a label would not exist without Hive Mind. An inspiration and a pioneer in the U.S. synthesizer circuit, it's with pleasure and honor that they release Elemental Disgrace into the world. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin August 2011.