Myths 3: La Nouvelle Serenite

SR 005CD SR 005CD

This is a reissue of the third volume in this early Sub Rosa compilation series, originally released in 1987. Features long tracks from Jon Hassell (duo with J.A. Deane, from 1985), never released since; Harold Budd (duo with Eugen Bowen, from 1983) in the mood of "The Serpent in Quicksilver" (with a splendid steel guitar); Gavin Bryars (duo with Andrew Thomson, from 1987); an unpublished sketch for two pianos called "Sketch For Sub Rosa" (later published on ECM with a chamber ensemble); and an excerpt from Les Archives Sonores Sub Rosa, a short film without image. Spanning from 1972-1975, Harold Budd created four individual works under the collective title The Pavilion of Dreams, produced by ambient pioneer Brian Eno. His two subsequent collaborations with Eno, The Plateaux of Mirror and The Pearl, established his trademark atmospheric piano style. Jon Hassell's first recordings were made with minimalist masters La Monte Young and Terry Riley, through whom he met the Hindustani raga master, Pandit Pran Nath. From his studies of the classical Indian music of the Kirana tradition he adapted these techniques to the trumpet and developed a new style of playing which forms the basis of his own unique sound world. Gavin Bryars has written a large number of works, including three operas, and a number of instrumental pieces. His first major work as composer was The Sinking of the Titanic on Brian Eno's Obscure label in 1975. This collection gathers together the most stunning of ambient, atmospheric sound worlds from three very important composers.