Oz Fritz: All Around the World

SR 197CD SR 197CD

Architecturally based location recordings made by engineer Oz Fritz, produced and presented by Bill Laswell. "All Around The World is an audio document of sacred spaces with their acoustic and consciousness altering properties. It is also the creation of new ambient spaces, new realities, through audio collage, juxtaposition and cut-up techniques. It is a child of John Cage's vision of being able to tune in and hear the music that is going on all around you by placing musical value on common sounds and elements of noise. Music that exists outside the structure of chords, scales and orthodox harmonic patterns. A new way of hearing music may occur for the attentive listener in much the same way that Edgard Varese broadened the way people heard music by introducing sirens and other found objects of noise into symphonic composition. All recordings were done on location in various sites that include ambience from The King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Notre Dame Cathedral, Mount St. Thomas and the Theosophical Society World Headquarters in Madras, India, the Australian Outback, the subways of Paris...Every space has a subtle yet profound effect on the consciousness of anyone who enters into it. Architecture has a profound effect upon mood most noticeably in a building's acoustics. Thus temples, mosques, cathedrals and other sacred buildings were designed to elevate a person's mood and raise their consciousness. 'Wake them up,' to use a Sufi metaphor, and lift them out of their everyday mundane reality (sleep). --Oz Fritz.