Musics in the Margin

SR 274CD SR 274CD

This is the fourth volume in Sub Rosa's Musics in the Margin series. Faithful to their concept, Sub Rosa searches out self-taught musicians -- people who make contemporary music outside the customary production and distribution channels, with the determination and creative gifts that stem from unmistakable artistic talent. Some of these musicians operate in mental or social isolation and make their music in special workshops, while others can be classified as spiritualist or visionary artists. This particular relationship with the creative process is a fundamental characteristic of outsider art. Sound is an energy, a power. The ability to handle that power is perhaps what so many musicians, artists and writers lack -- they are too referential, have no universe of their own, are pushing to get their particular insights recognized (through art-historical criteria). Whereas here, everything is marked by the spirit of a chaotic intelligence. Four mentally-challenged musicians, Johan, Linh, Kim and Rudy jam together with their artistic mentor and drummer, Damien -- there are drums, trumpets, violins, melodica, samplers and an electric guitar. Concentration, suspense, beads of sweat, a sigh, a cough, and then -- the scream. For over 40 minutes, they pour a sauce of punk, rock, noise and free music all over the audience. There's no beat, no biz, no schmalzy popular songs here. This music is neither contemporary, nor popular. It can't be labelled as subversive outsider nor as avant-garde. This music is the fantasy and emotion of five musicians, directly translated into sound and color. Their exploration of their musical instruments and the way they deal with sounds is inspiring and contains a hidden structure -- a new rhythm. It is just a simple must to encounter this group.