Shim Sham Shimmy

SR 279CD SR 279CD

2020 repress. This is the third volume in Sub Rosa's collection devoted to rare and lost recordings from the '20s to the '60s, following Dr. Boogie Presents Rarities from the Bob Hite Vaults and Oh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me! Female Blues Singers -- Rarities 1923-1930. Shim Sham Shimmy has been assembled by Belgian radio personality, musicologist, and Canned Heat devotee, Walter De Paduwa aka Dr. Boogie. Is it really possible to imagine what modern music would sound like if a few pioneering geniuses had not had the idea of electrifying their instruments, especially guitar and harmonica, between 1945 and 1950? Some purists pan this evolution, but, in the '50s, the new sound was heard and embraced at all the studios and night clubs in the United States; it would become a staple on the radio, and in pop culture in general, radically transforming the blues, boogie and country into acts of rebellion. This collection pays tribute to about thirty artists, some of whom later became known, like "Master of the Telecaster" Albert Collins, boogie-woogie and blues pianist Champion Jack Dupree, slide guitar innovator Homesick James, harmonica and blues singer, Sammy Myers, "The Boogie Disease" author Doctor Ross, and one-man band wild-man, Joe Hill Louis. However, the real treat is having an opportunity to hear fabulous unknowns who all, one day, had the chance to be recorded, either in a studio, on the street, or on a back porch, before returning to anonymity shortly after. Almost all of the artists presented here hailed from the Southern states; some of them stayed there their whole life, others emigrated up North, moving up the Mississippi, or toward the West to settle in California. The music included here is part of the foundations of all the modern music that would take the world by storm up to our present time. Other artists include: Charles Sheffield, Ramblin Hi Harris, Bobo Jenkins, Clarence Lockley, B. Brown & McVouts, Wright Holmes, Gunter Lee Carr (aka Cecil Gant), Moses Williams, Haskel Sadler, Larry Dale, Baby Boy Warren, Eddie Snow, Guitar Slim Green, Slim Gaillard, Blue Charlie Morris, Willie Egan, W. Harris, Jake Jackson, Morris Pejoe, Papa George Lightfoot, Pat Hare, Big John & The Dallas Playboys, Lonnie Johnson, and Bob Kelly.