100 Jahre Einsamkeit: Markus Detmer Plays Staubgold


100 Jahre Einsamkeit is the 100th release on the Staubgold label which was founded in Cologne 12 years ago. Owner and label manager Markus Detmer himself carefully selected the tracks on this compilation from the Staubgold back catalog. It's also the third part in the DJ mix CD series Plays Staubgold after Peter Grummich's Dinner Music For Clubbers (STAUB 082CD) and Alec Empire's Rauschgold (STAUB 092CD). 100 Jahre Einsamkeit marks the beginning and end of a long, adventurous travel with old fellows and new friends. Now everything starts again. Staubgold becomes "Staubgold Digital" for downloads and CDs and "Staubgold Analog" for vinyl. There will be no catalog number 101. When the first release came out on Staubgold in 1998, everything was so easy. There was a boom of electronica and experimental music, Mouse On Mars, Oval and To Rococo Rot gained a worldwide reputation, the little Cologne-based record shop A-Musik became an international distributor and home of countless new labels like Sonig, Tomlab, Karaoke Kalk and Staubgold. With a minimal promo budget, the Mapstation album Sleep, Engine Sleep by To Rococo Rot's bass player Stefan Schneider became the label's first success in 2000. Internationally acclaimed and commercially successful albums by To Rococo Rot, Vladislav Delay, Ekkehard Ehlers and Oren Ambarchi followed. After moving to Berlin in 2003, the label musically opened, according to the new label slogan "Music Out Of Place." Oren Ambarchi produced pop music with Sun, the Kammerflimmer Kollektief introduced country and jazz to the label's profile, Leafcutter John played folktronica, Faust and Dalek let Krautrock and hip-hop collide. Despite rapidly decreasing sales and smaller budgets from 2006 onwards, the label still managed to produce high-quality releases while at the same time further widening its musical spectrum. 100 releases against the mainstream, and still alive. Other artists include: Norscq, Reuber, Klangwart And Philippe Petit, Alejandro Franov, Thilges, The Flying Lizards, Curse Ov Dialect, David Last vs. Zulu, Jim O'Rourke & Tim Barnes, Rafael Toral, Hassle Hound, Heaven And, Jasmina Maschina, Pluramon, and Minit.