#LTD is the debut album by Berlin-based producer Till von Sein. It follows a comprehensive catalog of 12" singles, collaborations and remixes that have appeared since 2006 when von Sein began to work exclusively on his musical career. In addition to his activities as a producer, he also works as a booker at Clique Bookings (who represent, amongst others, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Format:B, AKA AKA, Kasper Bjoerke and Trentemøller) and tours himself as an internationally-celebrated DJ. #LTD is not just a reference to his own hood, it is an audio snapshot of his current reality as well as a homage to his roots and musical background. Before turning to house, he was active as a DJ and MC in the rap scene and ran a streetwear store. Some of these musical influences from various stages in his life come across more clearly in the sound of the album than others. This return to the developments of the past few years is manifested by the many producers, artists and friends featured on the album, among others: Catz 'n Dogz, Chopstick, Tigerskin, Aera and Thalstroem. Instead of being fixated on the dancefloor, #LTD seems to be about anything and everything. He doesn't just pick up on traditional Detroit techno, he uses it to make this non-soul album the most soulful of the year (and probably for years to come). #LTD is simply captivating in its nonchalance and formal aesthetic makeup. It starts out with the opener "Tilly's 61 Rhodes Jam," an ethereal piece. It is followed by the excitingly subtle, slow house hymn "LTD," in which the elegant sample ware has been filtered away to unobtrusiveness, which makes it all the catchier. Catchiness also applies to the faster, James Brown-vibish "Out Of Love" (featuring Jon Hester on saxophone), as well as the perfectly-balanced "61" and the '90s nostalgic, acid, mantra-like "Non Existent Love" (featuring Tigerskin, Lazarus & Meggy). It applies especially to the otherworldly "Neptune" (produced with Catz 'n Dogz) and "Biloxi Jam" (featuring Chopstick) with its uninhibited, catchy mouth-harp hook. And finally, it is most clear and irresistible on the album's floor-filler "Blueprint," in which Fritz Kalkbrenner's heart wrenching and knee-shaking diction is reminiscent of so many soul classics.