Suol Mates


Since the release of the Suol Mates debut edition with Fritz Kalkbrenner (SUOL 004CD) at the controls, Suol has known for certain that this series has more to say than your plain vanilla DJ mix. So who better to man the helm for the Suol Mates method than Till von Sein? You know the guy, the one who treats genre parameters like poorly-guarded borders and laughs at the "speed police" sheep keeping a watchful eye out underneath the 115 BPM zone. He's the same guy whose DJ sets virtually embody what's happening on this CD. Till is that rare breed that can build things up by committing the cardinal sin of ignoring matching tempos and stylistic conformity, instead focusing on the emotion (read: "Soul") and color of a track over its alleged functionality. Till von Sein, who always celebrates the fringes of house music in his productions and sets anyway, has almost completely abolished the accustomed four-to-the floor dictate on this compilation. In its place, he has created a kind of fascinating song-stream limbo from which intoxicating dancefloor moments emerge from time to time, but where he ultimately has the bigger picture in view. We're into ethereal heights of mixing expertise when a compilation of tracks predominately from other artists bears an inimitable signature. And that's precisely what we have here. First, start with the field recording-based meditative waves from Noyce and throw in ingredients like Ayala's smooth D'n'B, Ripperton's feel-good after-hours vibrations and jazzed-up Latin space disco from Ackin'. Add the slow melancholy of El_Txef_A and the chillwave "grandeza" of Toro Y Moi and Blood Orange, then exhale slowly in an easy-going Sebastien Tellier jam. Finish up by mixing it all into a sunset synth-flooded, instantaneously relaxing and altogether cohesive vibe. All that's left is to sign your name: Suolmate Till von Sein. Other artists include: Different Marks, Ben Westbeech, Belleruche, Ross, Klaves, Christina Wheeler, Prins Thomas, Tigerskin, DJ Nature, Twit One, and Missing Soul.