6 Years Stil Vor Talent


Six years and over sixty releases later, Stil vor Talent can look back at many magnificent moments in the label's history. Originally started to give other musicians the chance to showcase their music, Stil vor Talent has preserved this very down-to-earth attitude until today. Now it is time to congratulate everyone involved and the fans of Stil vor Talent with a special birthday present: a six-year anniversary compilation that celebrates the past, present and future of the label on two CDs. The first CD titled "What We Do" presents 17 all new and exclusive, unreleased tracks by a lot of the label's closest artists, while the second CD named "What We've Done" is a 70-minute mix by Oliver Koletzki that includes some of his personal highlights of the more recent past of the label. "What We Do" is a unique compilation that features 17 new tracks that are very much orientated towards all corners of the contemporary dancefloor. From melodic house on tracks by Niko Schwind, Björn Störig, Mick Rubin, Murat Kilic and Chroma & Inexcess to Animal Trainer's beautiful early morning anthem "Krambambuli," house is an overarching theme on this compilation. But other genres find their way into the mix as well: Bruch & Junior have contributed a piece of vocal dub techno with "Slack Me" while Niconé and Sascha Braemer have teamed up with singer Anna Rikje Rosenthal to create a slow-moving pop track. Leaning more towards the tech-house side of things are the tracks by newcomer Ryan Dupree, Kellerkind, Jürgen Kirsch, Tobi Kramer and Channel X. Last, but not least there are tracks by engineering genius Florian Meindl, with his personal take on disco, and by Daso as well as Oliver Koletzki himself. On "What We've Done" Oliver Koletzki has carefully selected and mixed 12 tracks from the back catalog of Stil vor Talent. Starting out with the two piano-based tracks "Jazzbians" by Bruch & Junior and "Shine" by Niko Schwind, Oliver slowly moves into more peak-time territory that culminates in an early climax with the first ever single by David August, "Trumpet's Victory." Things stay hot with Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster's best-selling "People" before calming down a little again with Channel X's "Snug Descent" which features Jake The Rapper. On the last two tracks, the mix gets very musical with a Marek Hemann remix of Oliver Koletzki and Fran's "Arrow And Bow" before things are finished off by a Daso remix of Oliver Koletzki's own "Since You Are Gone." This mix embodies the groove and soul of house music while being delivered with the right punch for a hungry dancefloor.