Freaky Bitches (Second Installment)

TB 037EP TB 037EP

"Andrea Parker's classic 'Freaky Bitches' single featuring Detroit's booty bass masters DJ Assault and DJ Godfather, gets more re-workings with the Second Instalment of remixes. First up is the booty shakin' Michna remix with its old-skool cut 'n' paste style, creative sampling and up-beat tempo. As Eggfooyoung, Adrian Michna is no new comer to Touchin' Bass, having released the EP 'Breakdance and Motivate' in the label's early days. He is also part of Miami's Secret Frequency Crew and has signed to Ghostly for the release of his debut album as Michna. Then steps up Clatterbox, another Touchin' Bass regular with his resonating take on the original. Clatterbox aka David Kempston gained an early following with releases on seminal UK label, Clear. On the B-side we move things outside of the Touchin' Bass camp, kicking off with Justin Maxwell, taking 'Freaky Bitches' into an entirely different musical territory. A media ace, Justin's career spans a number of areas. A DJ and producer, his work can be found internationally on labels like Palette, Trapez, Compost, Poker Flat, Get Physical and Pretension, where he did the classic track 'Pillow Filter'. Montreal's LCEDP provides an amazing aural assault for his rendition. Not for the faint-hearted Antoine Cote has become known for his speedcore creations as both LCEDP and audioterrorism. For the final venture, we continue the musical experimentations and hand over to Warp's Mira Calix, known for her dark brooding, electronic textures and compositions, with several releases under her belt, including projects with The London Sinfonietta and Alexander's Annex. Not for the first time she joins up with the remarkable musician that is cellist Oliver Coates. Together they present a stunning remix of strange notes and unnerving frequencies."