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Baby's Berserk


Toy Tonics going new wave disco with Baby's Berserk's self-titled debut album. Two guys and two girls from Amsterdam and Montreal called Baby's Berserk. Baby's Berserk is about taking the freedom to be who you want to be, about being comfortable. Having played in all-girl punk bands since the age of 14, the bands singer Lieselot is an expert on female empowerment. In the great tradition of Roxy Music, Throbbing Gristle, and Malcolm McLaren, Baby's Berserk is not just about the edgy music, but also about a very strong own visual style. They readily blend their sounds with underground fashion. Sonically designed for gritty rock venues as well as up-to-date edgy dance clubs, Mano's lush compositions smoothly intertwine with the highly associative lyrics written by Puggy and Lieselot. Poets and literary addicts may think they've just discovered the rock n' roll equivalents of Sylvia Plath, Kurt Vonnegut, and Allen Ginsberg. To tell you the truth: their wild guess is pretty accurate as the works by these greats lie scattered around the Baby's Berserk studio for inspiration. The band was born in a laboratory back in 2019. Tired of being in bands with unruly and unpredictable humans, Mano Hollestelle set out to create a group of high precision robots to create the post-punk sound he had in mind. His outdated technology of floppy disks and cassette tapes worked well to program the androids, until one day a '90s rave mixtape was mistakenly entered into his computer. House music is a feeling and the punk bots instantly got hooked on it upon hearing it for the first time. They could never be reset to factory settings again. Mano worked tirelessly with his androids, currently known by their humanoid names of Lieselot Elzinga, Puggy Beales, and Eva Wijnbergen, to fulfil his evil plan to make the rockers dance and the dancers rock. Baby's Berserk is the fiendish extension of this plot. Beware, the band's bass driven grooves and computerized beats have been known to cast a spell upon all within earshot. So, what do the songs on Baby's Berserk tell you? That it's totally fine to have lots of fun in life! To have a boyfriend as an accessory ("Accessories"), to get inspired by SpongeBob ("Dancing With The Fish") and to blend your spirits with mixers whenever the hell you feel like it ("Rum 'n' Kola").